The mexico journey is here

plane    The signs were well enough that we were welcome in the city of hopes! good weather, nice smiles and extra small tip at the currency exchange at the airport! The friend – cashier did a mistake and give me more 200pesos, and she did not want to take it back! that proves again that “when you are once away from the cashier no mistake can be approved” Me and my friend Arturo we asked for taxi rate to the area Santa Fe and it was high costly, around 360 pesos, so we were strong enough to keep carrying all his luggage, since was away from his country 2 years and we went to the main road and found a taxi/meter that took us to that nice area and new friend of mine with 150pesos. Gil, was there waiting fro us, a great man that i get so much out of staying with him, he was an excellent host and took us in many places in the city with out any hassle, with his smile and nice friendship, with his music all day long he make me feel like his house was really mine!

Here is Gil where the next morning he had that brilliant idea after trying my miso soup, to get into our system some really fat on a big large tortilla originated from Oaxaca!..somewhere where i am planning to visit! it was very salty but nice to try it!


Here he is ! Our good host and real friend!

So the day began as i remember with loads of music, mexican heavy breakfast and ready for Teotihuacan where are the piramides of the moon and the sun,it took us around 2,5hours to get there and it was really worth it, the museum and the whole place was very informative and anyone was so helpful, at first i thought that i want make it on the top, but honestly i did not felt tired at all, there is a magic secret to use in this circumstances that actually you dont feel tired even after i long hike, has all to do with our perception and which universal low we use, our perception.

so, here we are in our way back try to choose one place that talks to our hearts and not many people bothering us to stay, for lunch.And wisely our friend had a call from the God of the area Quetzalpapalotl and we went to find hes drink..Pulgue..which is a milk-colored, alcoholic beverage ferment from fruits and with the sap of the maguey plant ( agave cactus ).
With the help of the Pulgue we found a great place and borrego (lamp) with tortilla, that goes perfectly with aztec sopa, which is so tasty y poquito picante….has fried corn tortillas, corn seeds, avocando,tomatoes,onions…here is the recipe from the Chef :

Sopa Azteca

12 tortillas cortadas en tiras
4 jitomates medianos molidos
1/2 cebolla finamente picada
1 diente de ajo
2 litros de caldo de pollo
1 rama de perejil
4 chiles pasilla fritos
1 aguacate cortado en cuadritos
1/2 taza de queso rallado
Sal y pimienta
Aceite para freír

Driving back to the city center, and listen some street music before we relax for the next day..IMG_2127

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