Toluca and Cosmovitral

Gils and Arturo’s love for sports, fun and general life lead us to the stadium of Toluca to watch the game against their town, Puebla! Because i like to keep up the energy i decide to be with the other team the Diablo! The red ones!
Toluca is 45 minutes from the City and is in hight (2,667 m), Lovely place to visit, also in the area is the Cosmovitral

The theme of the glass work is “Man and his relationship with the universe.” in one site represents the night,female,magnetism, the yin condition and on the other side the day, female, electric the yang energy..and also the plants that are in each side the are more related to their own condition.



here the magic of the vitral upon the flowers

Eizi Matuda a Japanese scientist who is known for his research into the flora of Mexico city proves once again that those japanese worked i lot and help the humanity with their macrobiotic philosophy, they extended it wisely and they discover a good way of living. Here is my friends, thanks to Zaira, Arturo y Gil !IMG_2162

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