Wooden puzzles

Today what i day ! Well this is how it feels when you travel, but travel..in a nomadic way..there are many ways and reason why we want or feel the desire to travel…but i will write my point later.

This morning i went to see the area i lived 6 years ago for 3 months! Cholula!IMG_2580Is very close to Puebla and its famous for its biggest pyramide in the world, actually is covered under a peak which has on top…what ? a church of course..! From one side you can see the steps, but the base is so large that mostly is covered.

Also in Cholula they are 365 chapels, and basically it is a magical place a “pueblo magico”.

Having all the time for our selfs we went to the market to do some shopping for some friends, all different kind of chilles, and of course we order some semitas for lunch..then with mi amigo Arturo we walk around the beautiful roads, have a drink in the zocalo and buy some souvenirs from the local sellers.

In our way back we had a wonderful surprise! finally we are having our workshop how to make wooden puzzles! animals, angels, symbols, any design! is something i always want it to learn.. .well..actually the last summer i was in Crete for 2 weeks and i met there some nice people that they were doing this and i really appreciate it. So i will ask this man to show me how it works, if you are never around here try to go to his shop!

The transportation is very nice in Mexico and also inexpensive,our route from cholula back home it cost less the half dollar,There was a meeting with Zaira our friend, that we just love to be around her. She is so helpful and always smiling and want to show me more and more. There is no words to describe this kindness.

Remember that we drove around puebla, see the La paz area, went for a walk, meet people..get invited in a party..!


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