Taxco for a Day

Is only a couple hours from Mexico city, and much higher! The mines,one of gold and one of silver are 16km away from the town. The people learned here to work with silver from a very young age, and make all short of jewellery styles. You can sense the wealth and the protection of the specific metal, between the people but also in the area. the magic power of  Platina.

Arturo and I left in the morning from Tapu bus station, the trip cost around 300 pesos each. Is yes, a touristic place not only from Gringos, but also for Mexican gringos! they are two stops for the bus, as soon as it enters, and the next one which is in the centre. We get off of course in the first one. Not from there, but from some places you can see in the side of the mountain a large statue of Jesus, remind me of Rio, that i haven’t been…The catherthal Santa Prisca Church, is located on the east side of the main plaza of Taxco, and is one of the few Baroque buildings in the state of Guerrero..has a value meaning for whole mexico as is the only one that regardless its big size took only 17 years to be constructed.

The houses someone said that reminds Santorini! its close to the idea but not, please do not except something similar, although the scenic view of the village is amazing. Its a long history it self, A head-vilage, the one with the power, you can tell..There is loads of history and many festivals happening here, so it might be worth it to stay an extra night, in case you bump in one of those days!

you walking up the hill or you rolling down to the Zocallo, the main square, in all the way the place is full of jewellery shops, most of them from silver but gold is also a reason to create unique pieces.

the roads are very narrow and made from round stones, lovely to see the cars running on them, trying to win some more space!

And now that talking about cars, definitely  here you be suprice of how many taxis and mini vans for transport are moving around, way so many! and are all Beatles ! This is the first cars that the mexico police had! The bad boys, were uncatchable!

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