Verbalised thoughts

Why traveling makes you most of times better person? The essential

Well first you need to be openminded that will help i lot! Through being in different countries,cultures and civilizations you have the change to see so many other people living totally different then you think is the right way, or the told you is the correct one!.. And hopefully those visions/pictures will arrive in your mind most of the times when you are about to judge someone that not does what you believe is the right thing to do! The only think you need to do is remember!

Remembering is a Key, in any progress that we want to do. Thats what Re-ligion means: Re-ligar from Latin that means Re -Connect, Connect with what we have forgotten! Be a nomad for a while can help you, quit i job that you dont like can also help. Be courageous when others cant be, is a larger step. So many opportunities we have, dont need to travel! But Travel if you can! See as much you can if you spare the dime, seize some opportunities because some come only once! be in a nomadic state of mind and found your self while you getting lost in a city that you have no idea what is about.Live.

You know how anyway.

Personal i don’t like any limitations but i realize that some of them we need them ( or take a good use of them when they arrive!) in order to don’t fall where we don’t want:) then time comes know..Chronical time ! And hopefully your habit pattern strikes. then you can call your self i free man..for some time..or for longer time! Also Being in a community and share the most valuable gift you have in this planet which i assume is your time! Can have tremendous change in your whole being! It helped me, and still does. Once you get the remebrance within you, you carry it for ever, it can warm you up the cold winter days,  it can keep you company at the most silent roads,in the lonely nights,on the long airport delays, the new places that you discover by your own. anywhere. There is no more loneliness un less you choose it, is only Oneness and you are waving into it, it surrounds you. Look for it, is near your house, very near.

In our mind the area that makes the guestions and the part that knows the answers are very near…but you might need many years to reach this understanding and be happy to live with it.

So, i pray that my road, my journey will be long. Actually is just starting! hopefully i can share it with all of you.

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