Xochimilco and Frida

Xochimilco is best known for its natural canals, not far from the city you can be lost in boats! I have seen few flee boat markets, from India, to Thailand, and Laos where you can find whatever you can imagine here is something totally different, the boats are called “trajineras,” which look similar to gondolas and are actually based in a pre-hispanic design to move along in the water..

We were a big team and while was a sunday were also many locals for the day out, usually you pay from 300-500 pesos for an hour of driving in the canals, worth it. Sometimes it feels like as the people dance on the boats and celebrating with i lot of pulgue and cerveza and much more, the same the boats do, bumping into each other, get cross over from the boat-sellers, Tacos, Music, Alcohol, you just float in your trajineras and they are there for you needs. Though the most people i saw were not gringos, but mexicanos! Good to go and feel special:) we had a 3 hours tour and was not enough.

But the best house for me was there and awaiting for so long! The blue house,la casa azul.

La casa azul

La casa azul

Here Frida Kahlo grow up,lived and inspire many people in this planet,Frida has a long and interesting life story that it will be nice to know few things from her life. After an accident she had, she left her studies and start painting, the house museum is something that you should see, full of paintings, many of them are self portrait, because she was long time alone and she once said that “i am the only subject i know well”. Her private room, the dining room with the plates and cups that she used to serve her guest, all is there:

her painting material and also all the mobile medicinal equipment that the doctors supply her with so she can be able to move, it really make me travel into my life, by seen how she paint those corsets. Her paint style was much inspired from the great work of her husband Diego Riviera. In the house you can find also hes work, amazing time, the garden, the statues, the symbolisms, the whole place wait for you to explore, pay extra for your camera to take photos is much better! If you havent see the movie try to find it “Frida”, and the book? i havent read it.

The blue house is also in a very nice area in mexico city that after your visit you are going to see for sure, you cant missed it! the name is Coyoacan and most likely means “place of coyotes”, reminds Europe, with many nice markets, loads of nice bars and restaurants, we had a lovely dinner which include a cold fish dish, i was surprise! but i learned what Ceviche is now! Also we had champurrado, a beverage made from cacao.Nice Zocallo and loads of music!

Go here to watch Frida :

Friday, February 22 – 5 pm – $50 pesos
Movie: Frida
Oaxaca Lending Library
Pino Suárez 519

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