Cholula y Puebla

Some years ago i was here for my first time, spending three whole months just on cholula with a few cycle trips to Puebla city and a day or two journey to Veracruz, just to try to remember what kind movie i show once about that city.. i remember a kiss but i am not sure:)

Wandering around the city those days was and is nice to eat tamales for breakfast, semitas for lunch, and enjoy the beautiful cuisene and environment by trying to get my spanish in alignment. Often a used a my music device which runed out of battery quiet quickly so one of that days is when i met my good friend Arturo, he was working in a travel agency where i was going for charging my iPod, i remembered like was yesterday. Was late noon, visit to leave the device and then i listen a nice greek song that was playing, a famous song from Antonis Remos ” where i can find a friend” ! i start talking, like i enjoy..and then continue the translation of the song, by the end of that time 2 people become friends and share laugh’s and stories. Arturo came to Greece 3 times, worked in the ionian scuba and in the guest house in paleros and had a good time and of course we went to listen Remos when he was performing at Lefkas island.

Cholula has to offer a real Mexican life, Banos to steam into it, a great market, beautiful streets..that all looks the same almost, the worlds largest pyramid base half hidden under the peak, the view from the top of the peak with Saint Andreas keeping you company in case you feel lonely, the famous la pasista..

a 150 years old recipe of a strong..mucho fuerte alcocol, the reforma with many pictures from around the world include our Parthenon and the famous sangria, and of course the near beauty and inspiring city Puebla Magico, which from there you can see all the highest mountains of Mexico and of course the active volcano of  Popocatépetl with a last eruption the 2012!

6 years before while i was recieving and learning bio magnetism ( yin ) in Cholula, and after some international talks and deeper understanding, my body needed it the alter energy which is electric ( yang ), so i went with a friend to camp in the night around the volcano on its slopes, an experiense that i can’t forget, many people passing the night through the mountains from the paths, waking us up and asking all short of questions, was cold, we had a tiny flame from some woods,not enough but the love was in the air, and the volcano alive! so we could not ask for more warmth!!

Also, in Puebla magico you can find the smallest volcano in the world, try to find it! The city has many museums and they also offer art lessons, nice local dinner places and much more! Spending my self this current time one whole week with Arturos family i get to see how the living from inside is. Claudia, his mother was like a madre to me also, she took me in places, cook for us, make me feel like my home and she even teach me how to wash my heavy and only pullover in the mexican way, i love her.

One interesting town is Atlixco near a tiny lake which has a great clime all the year around and is full of many plant shops with cactus, trees and flowers. The town is one of the kind and if you make it to the plantation make a stop beside there to Tonanzinta the church, is a real source of energy.

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