Oaxaca and retreat farm



Arriving in Oaxaca city after a long bumpy road was worth i might say, when the morning light was reaching my eyes.That light had something hidden that appeared to me later, hardly someone will believe, that writing for communities and so on last night i am now in farm, retreat house half a hour out from the city with an older woman that she is for me one of the few humans i met in this planet that they are really know how to enjoy and live life.

To my perception looks that finally the Hopi indians tribe they send their message with the morning rays of the sun.
When i looked at the couchsyrfing for a place to stay, they were many people. Many thoughts can arise in your mind. What did i do? i said to my self simple like that: Tony, if you don’t want to mess around and loosing your time with possible unanswered reguests and want to find a place to stay, contact her. That was the intuition regarding the quality of the morning light. 69 years old woman, no photo and Nuria was her name. I did not recall what her name means until i met her. It means light! Fos in Greek, or Foteini.
A real traveler who understands the needs of a traveler, a piligrim.

All of us we are making choices that defines in a certain level after all who we “are”, the true is that definately all of us we are passing (traveling) through here..that means we are travelling through..from one place…to another one…no? Understanding that, and fulfil the cup of your own needs, desires, dreams e.t.c feeling less confuse with the currents around you, you might become a piligrim, someone who does everything in his/her life out of love, understanding, compassion and with not expecting anything in return. Simple do it, because you already knowing. Not that recieving is negative, but you have learned you lesson so far and from a young thirsty soul, you become a kind of a tourist with a passion to discover, and from the experiences and the life suprices you are already a traveller that now gains some respect for being able to transfer the informations and the emotions from one place to another and after all a pilgrim of his own life with the finest memories that you and only you have discover and engraved them into your dream world, which is actually the mostly real world for you, and no the one that the system creates for you.
I came to see the city and looks that i am seeing my self again! And Nuria helps i lot for this to happened. Sometimes is not pleasant, but remembering is worth it. Your mind gets steady and the journey becomes more potent.

If you come across Oaxaca and you want to live few days like that, let me know…or look at the place with the informations i already post here. Anyway where ever you want to go, take the bus to the Mercado cental de abaho, and find a collectivo taxi (fits 5 people) to any direction you want.
Try to don’t end up, (or feel free to follow your instinct!) like me with a long hair taxi driver, speaking nice english with heavy voice, wearing full eye cover pilot sunglasses..just you and him..telling you that sometimes he prefers one passenger and replying, what for?It might be close! In my request that i rather get off here to eat something… while he takes directions and turns that you don’t have any idea where they lead…Then you mind and heart switch places or even worse. So, don’t rush, you never Know.Make sure you are safe. Finally i trust the circumstances, and to over come even more my fears, i get his phone number, cause i thought it might be handy to have a taxi driver that speaks perfectly english, plus he knows already the way into the woods:)

My stay with Nuria was an experience that i will never forget, she guide me and gave me a message that i will always try to Re-member and apply it in my life, after 3 days my visit in Oaxaca and my staying there was indeed more potent, lovely, cheerful and trully sharing with all the people and situations i came across, thank you Nuria, welcome Mexico.

One thought on “Oaxaca and retreat farm

  1. Once you understand that all people, circumstances, and events are invited into your experience by you, through your thought, you will begin to live your life as you intended when you made the decision to come forth into this physical body.

    An intention to deliberately create your own life experience, will ultimately lead you to the unparalleled freedom that can only come from a complete understanding and application of the art of allowing.

    Happy Valentine’s Day

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