Travel into all

IMG_2983Beside traveling or even more simpler and inexpensive is to listen with all your cells the calls of nature, that includes the people, situations that arrive to you the most district time of your day and so on.. Listening truly can so easily make your eyes sparkle, full of understanding..and compassion. No much time for your own problems, simply live at that precious, present moment.

Travel is one way, thanks not the only one. i have been in this path for 17 years with some on and off’s and i am glad to know that is not so important if you can’t! For sure life will give you changes to mirror your self, you don’t have to go miles away to see it.

But in case you do, don’t regret the time that you have spend to find the unknown..You might also get questions that possible can hurt you regards your choices that you have made, although i strongly believe that choices are always made 50% and the issue are not them, but to live with them.Remember what does not kill you makes you much stronger!

And from this state using and applying the virtue of gratitude you will be up lifted, and rewarded from the nature for being who you really wanted to be.

Living in a secure environment sometimes can make you feel narcosis, you forget the true meaning of life and all the power of your mind can easily go to from.. what are you going to cook for dinner,or how my next day will be? i constant worry for the never comes tomorrow, being secure can easily make you feel that we really are… are we?

in the contrary, when you choose always different ways to start you day or get to work, always something new comes to you, the information, the energy, the views, all has its on taste and unique experience into for you. life is not the same anymore. You see it different.

In the same way when you get lost in places, you might find your self.

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