City of Oaxaca



City of Oaxaca. This place is one of the places that calls me to return, the architecture and the colours of the houses, the nice pavement streets with all those people smiling, the smell of the coffee and the local chocolate! Actually the day before i cycled to the Tule tree, one of the oldest trees in the world! 2000 years old and 42 mts high,the tree is fenced alla round so no one can get near and keep damage it, you are not even allowed to cut any small branch from it. is nice to go,is only 10pesos to enter, but dont leave with out trying the local homemade ice cream!IMG_2726 IMG_2674

So in my way there, Frendy, the taxi driver who drove me to that amazing farm which i spend three days with Nuria, he wave at me and we arrange the next day to come and pick me up.


With a collective taxi, shared with 4-5 more people you wont pay more the 10-15 pesos even for a long ride of 30 minutes and once you arrive in Oaxaca look for Saint Elizabeth hostel if you are into that, i personal stayed in Los amigos.. but they inform me that is much better there in S.E. In Los Amigos the stuff is very friendly and loads of people to connect and share experiences, but the toilet is not that clean, and the kitchen is also not need and comfy for your needs.Thats for the staying! The night life and the place is wonderful to discover although you will need 3-4 days to be satisfied, the main zocallo, the churches, the markets which are spread in the city they have everything you need for the rest of you trip. The second of february ( lucky i was there?) they have a tradition were the dressed up Yeshua when was an infant and the take him to church for blessing the baby and then they return home, i was invited from Mariana where i met her in couch surfing to this ceremony and it was nice to see what is all about it.

In the city you can meet many travellers and the vibe is good, buy some local chocolate and head to the town, look and plan a worth trip to the “hierve de agua” the water boils, where hot water enriched in calcium carbonate and other minerals springs from the ground and makes formation in the rocks which gives you the impression of a waterfall, with in the tour you will also see other archaeological sites Monte Alban, and possibly markets that make woven carpets, mezcal or what ever is in the region and you are interest to see.

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