Through the Mountains

San Mateo.IMG_2849 IMG_2841

When you travel inside Mexico, always plan your trip ahead in time! Mexico is Big! Everything is far here, only the state of Oaxaca is almost the size of French. When the schedule of a trip is 2.5 hours estimate around 5 hours with all the turns, and the possible rest-stop for the real distance.

You don’t want for example to arrive like me in San Mateo late in the evening looking for your place to stay, finding no -one , wait 5 hours in the freezing-cold mountain clime and hopping for someone to arrive some point your body just cannot take it and you will have to jump in the house from the window! if you are lucky and is open!

I never thought i could do that! My heart was beating fast, with many emotions in the idea that in the morning i have to face and talk to the people which the own the place, but hunger and weather situations can make you just want to survive. About the area..If you are not familiar with the Hippie kind of life, or having a Dreaming spirit and similar experiences is better to know where you are going to stay when visit especial  San mateo which is a Mexicano mostly village , high in altitude (or go really early and ask around).San Mateo Río Hondo is a mountain village, population 2800 named for the patron saint San Mateo and for the river which passes near the town.

The place is hidden within the pine trees and with a forest so wide as your eyes can see in all the directions. Usually you will pass from here in your way to the Pacific and to the beautiful coast,  in San Mateo there is not so much to do although is interesting to live with a family and see how the do. Nayelli let me stayed with her family and she showed me around the farm and all the cultivations that the have, i help them in the farm,and at sometime in the afternoon we went with the girls to practice acrobatics in the forest, i stood there with my camera enjoying the freedom and possibilities that the nature offers, to those people that live with in it. Most of the houses are self, hand made with wood and other natural supplies. Everyone love to show his place and they make your enter in their house a pleasure for both.

I stayed in the village only 2 nights and the next morning i start making my way to the ocean while dreaming about the beach and the yoga, the walking now that my luggace get heavier with few things i bought, is quite different, so now is where i appeciate one of my 2 best buys for my travel. A back bag,with a small one attached,wheels hidden that easily can be pulled, plus has the right size and it can be carried in the airplane! Grateful. The second one is my Christmas present a mac book air, very thin and light to keep some work update. much grateful!


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