“The beach”

Mazunte the GrabIMG_2924

I have seen many places in my years of travelling and i can very easily sense when a place will offer…when has something for you…thats why we get here anyway…! So, i knew that i had to stay.. simple BE here and feel what Mazunte village has to give in he’s visitor.

Seeing the sunrise and the sunset in the horizon just front of you was for me the best gift i could have for my staying here and for the new day in the south pacific ocean. IMG_2939

Was not only that i first swam in the pacific, where not also the whales and the flying manta ryes, the sand and the sun, was though those awakening sounds of the early mornings, the melodies and the evening colours of the sky that made me feel part of this beautifully family, the crab family! Mazunte is a crab with a blue shell, red walking legs and chelipeds that are white..bright orange..so…

If you get your self here.. stay! The place has to offer the best yoga classes in the mornings, fresh pilates for the afternoon, the quietness time that you might need, the party with a flavoured local mezcal that you can hold, the music groups to jam into it and feel part of it, the best mexican food and also extremely quality italian restaurants where you wait one hour for you pasta which was hand made earlier in the morning, a great ocean( no like Mediterranean) with some waves but calm enough to swim safely, whales and turtles to watch(on a tour) fresh fish to buy your self from the locals when the return every afternoon,you can go to http://www.balamjuyuc.com.mx/esp/inicio_esp.html to have a good time!

After all there is also one of the fastest internet for your Skype meetings there, loads of great people to meet and perhaps love :), dogs to play, receive-give or share your talents with others,see the crocodiles in the nearest lake, learn traditional techniques such massage-herbs-cleansing,and so much more!

For arriving in the coast and to its nearest beaches such zipolite, porto Escondido, porto angel, e.t.c while you are riding the little buses from Oaxaca you pass through the mystic green magic mountains and the fantastic places: San mateo and San Jose Pacifico, one more extra good reason to stay down here some more time is also for visit those villages.

Be strong though about the road cause is full of turns and high hills and nausea can be felt very easily, somewhere i saw i blog that the author was giving many similarities with the “road of dead” in Bolivia!

Is Around three hours from Oaxaca and you should pay 150 pesos for that, in Potchutla will be the arrival and from there ask for the “collectivos” 10 pesos and go for your most precious element, the water.I met many people that for sleeping they had their tent or a hammock and are many places and hostels that allowed you to do so and pay something of course for that, but to sleep in mexico is not so expensive,( at least here!) in the beach you can find hostels from 60 to 200pesos, and definitely you can find places to pay more and have the room of you desire.

definitely i have so much to write about this place..

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