Day tour and porto angel

What a great day with those people!

The morning start with good byes and end with those ones again but with more understanding for each of us. The outer journey has many similarities with the inner, we finally get to know that. But meeting so good people and share experiences, ideas, emotions and true love can’t be done by your own. Yes we are all one and connected, but also we are individuals and see life with our own different prospective and filter, so being with other travelers and try to related and exchange with them your thoughts, feelings, and what is actually about you that is a blessing.

Is quiet the same when you live in a community, same self work. Although when life unfolds strangely and you are far away from your home nest, you are facing and dealing those times in a different ways, which can strength you very much and make you that are more hidden in, and the life-circle gets bigger…

And the ocean is vast…so we went out in a tour just us, the good friends, dropped any self face mask we possibly were wearing on the sand  and we let the waves to take them away, into the deep blue depths of the pacific and we pick up the real masks to be able to swim with the Turtles and see the Whales !

8.00 is good time to departure , 150 pesos are also enough for each person for the 3 hours, don’t expect something so exciting, but you never know! so don’t listen to me, just try to get the feeling of how words are written down, i try to be always optimistic although many times i found my self being realistic! I write this words with honesty and i do it for me, that energy brought me to this moment and hope i can go farther.

The tour is not a must. but go. Help the people make a living from the turtles instead of eating them which apparently are so many and probably some controlled fishing will be allowed. I hope not ! Doesn’t mean that because they don’t do that in mazunte, they also stop in the whole pacific coast line.

Suddenly a family of whales were flerting with our boat,whale boat-1 tale-1 the manta-rays where flyings near us and you can see decades under the surface, the turtles are amazing to try to catch them and swim with them, you don’t disturb them so much…but is preferable for me to just look and enjoy.

I felt uncomfortable in Tayland when i swam with an elephant 🙂 Many times i said to my self : what do i do here? what business do i have to get wet from an elephant and get dropped in the river from he’s back?? In our way back to our hopefully missing masks… we pass from a large white rock which owns its name to the Sea Eagles that use it for their toilet and is white all over at the top because all of them decide to do so ! yes! to shit in the same rock! Cosmic intelegence is called.  Then we continue to the beach by snorkelling and getting i bit drift from the current and that was a good feeling for me, i felt like my type.. my home…

After some rest we continue from Mazunte with a bus to Porto Angel for seeing the unspoiled local port and have octopus cocktail with no a single gringo tourist anywhere.

Porto Angel made me feel so warm as soon as i enter the village, Paulo and Melani where been there few days ago so they want it to return to find that local great man who cooks on the beach front of his house and offer them to stay there on his tent for free. They were all the people so nice and one of them even repair my Soprero.

After the unforgetable sharing with this lovely couple, the stories and the feelings that we share i made my way back to Mazunte with a taxi, able again to feel that warm breezing of kindness and also to listen the melody that the colours of the nature produces, i was in a ecstatic moment for sharing truly my time, life with this wonderful beings. Is nice the feeling of knowing that we are capable of doing good, good for all and everyone.

Paulo remind me one of my secret wishes, cycle from Konstantinoupoli ( Istanbul) and through the Nile river to Israel, i get that “information” when once from Canada returning to Athens i was seating with an english man who probably cycled from Athens to Egypt and sharing informations to all the places about a strange decease he’s brother was strung, simply travel and inform the world!

So good cause to travel ! Paulo he is now on he’s wheels, cycling from America to South America, 8 months approximately travel, thanks brother for the inspiration, my thoughts and my heart will be with you!

Lets all join for a meaningful travel!

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