Dreaming above

The sun sets this time not in Mazunte or in the lovely scenery of Tepozlan but in the sea of clouds upwards and onwards of this mystic country of Mexico. Whilst you will return…i mean going towards your “Ithaca” what will make that journey more value is to look “back”, sense and link the past, into your present time, and feel nice about it!
From a warm heart say thank you and be ready to receive or better to observe that great feeling of gratitude with the acknoleghment that you did you part and you did it well.

While you trying to stay focus in this “life stream”, so you can reach a desired destination or either simple to succeed in another personal achievement you should always remember and be aware of the possibility that the limits that you want to cross they might push you back at some time, a strong wave in the sea does the same, it comes towards the shore and then sucks its self back in, the surfers they know that well, and thats the reason they should learn how to surf well..
When you are not ready or is not your time for standing in the “surf” for long enough, multicomplex feelings will arise.
Fear is a living identity with in us and it comes in many forms, you don’t have to walk your doorstep to feel it, but i doubt that will be that strong such the huge wave.

All kind of issues that you might get “accidentally” in your journey, such as getting bite from a mosquito, been robbed, be wet for days, seizing the last hot drops of water in your thermo, or simple missing your comfort zone..is where you see your limits…so dont hesitate, dont argue, dont discusss it with your inner self, do it, live it. who knows if you have ever the second change..

I personal cover my own emotions with so many excuses and i had also uncovered so many like the actress did back in those ancient tragedy performaces in the Hellenic theatres, the veils which they have in their faces and remove one after the other-one had that symbolism also, with that movement the showed that what is important is not the finding of truth but the revelation of lies, to see through more clear with out veils and not just look life, brake it through..like the wave brakes in the sea or coast and splits its self in millions of particles which often sometimes are creating that short but foul of meaning rainbow..

I have been through many “waves” like that my self, even that i never surfed, us i said…to feel all that emotions, see your self and discovered it you dont have necessary to travel, to be in a journey, just having the feeling of the nomadic state, be a dreamer is what makes the difference.

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