Still floating in Moscow

I Keep hearing that a visit in this country must happen in the summer but in the real cold times is where some kind of secret arises beneath the frozen ice, is the warm “borsch” soup with beetroots, potatoes, vegetables and beans and many amazingly soviet dishes that make you so warm that you appreciate the cold and snow, is the traditional “banya” with temperatures that can reach 100celcius!

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Those “banyas” are everywhere, before you go make sure you get with you some important items, usually you can find them there and it makes it easier, but if you can get an extra towel with you to have it for the end will be much better.My first herb hitting and cold dives into icy water after the steam room was in Leningrad, or Saint Petersburg. In the same rooms where dostohievsky and Lenin where bathing! If you are interesting of that banya, let me know i pass some more info.

Spending lovely time in that dimension that we called Moscow, and most probably after you rub the lucky dogs nose in the revolution square station,

the most famous metro statue,which brings luck! Try something extraordinary, visit “Embryo” – the first Floating Center in Russia   to experience new sensations of relaxation and imponderability.

Inside the warm water, always the same temperature as our body, i recalled my days in 2006 when i first visit Mexico for learning and receiving biomagnetismo. Back in those days i could easily understand from the therapy progress how a thought or feeling has impact, changing the ph of our body and how this acid or alkalic environment of the blood affects after all…the same quite happens while you are floating in the water..any tiny or long thought, make you move into the water, you can feel it! Staying one hour in darkness and silence while you floating, is like you are in your nature, back in mothers womb. See the site for more info


Moscow wont disappoint you, and as i said before if you have a good guide! Tatiana and her friends make me feel like home, and beside the noise of the ice when it cracks and the white scenery, i did felt that there is a connection. In the city are many exhibitions, museums, clubs and loads that happening such free diving competition, vintage markets, kremlins and old cathethrals. And…Good photographes have risen from “best of russian” photography exhibition is a must and another couple of hours to spend !

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