Capture the “now”

Leaving behind nice places and nice people is not so easy, or it can be a simple movement! Always is how you look at it. The emotions are fuel, our own inner fire, and our wisdom. They helping us for collecting the power of our mind and go deeper to get to know the “self”.

There are not here for abandoned, but to be grateful for them. Grateful for all and everything, include the space, the earth, and the nature it’s self, which we have given the tools from. Gifts and knowledge to explore our “self’s” and through those emotions and circumstances that occur around us, at all times, we be able to see much clearer and choose our way to our own freedom, which starts individually and continues from that point to the endless circle of existence with a collective celebration.

Everyone, anyway has he’s own unique coding for the appropriate Re-adjustment regarding the use of he’s emotions, the sufficient apnea for surfacing safe from the unknown depths. To breathe that pure air full of oxygen again while we ascend from our own deep dark dives one secure method is simple to Re-Member.

Just be aware… that through an extend desire to Re-member and Re-turn in your initial place of peace you might loose a shortcut!A strong desire for something or for instance to don’t have a desire is a joke its self!

Capturing the now, the power of the secret moment, requires some extra tips of using the shortcuts, similar as using technology devices, so… hearing different teachings, be open minded, understand the feeling of how vibration works and mostly listen to your own intuition and body talk can make your journey, physical or not a bridge that will connect the moment with the eternity and the form-al world with the form-less.


With in the movement from one place into another there will be moments which you will feel sad and unhappy, wonder why and how, looking the calendar ahead, timekeeping, trying to set your self in the present moment but you just can’t win!

Streaming thoughts with a feeling of graving will be note, long awaiting and desires for a greater future to arrive it might be felt, the sweet taste of a nostalgic past memory will return once more, truth that once you discovered now will possible taste like fermented anxiety’s with not much trace from your past enlighten experiences. And the voice in your head might tell you! You should start all over again! Then the feeling is heavy. Like the thick snow which waits and waits for the sunrays to dissolve it again and transformed it into its first form.

Parallel they will be felt times, while having dinner alone in a place out of your yesterday map, or when you missed a bus and have to stay few hours in a empty station finding your self excited and thrilled for the next moment that will come, that you will mixture and mind-blend the old with the new, the past memory’s with the creation of your current vision, as photography does when captures moments from back in time and simply presents to you right here and right now

No. Its not confusion, is not necessary. Is the light which shines from you!

Life and all around you has not been created for you, to give you trouble or comfort, they just reflect you, first your own reality, and then perhaps a extend one, knowing all this and trying to remember brings you up and out of the possibly state of confusion. Learn the shortcuts in life, be a hacker of your own dimension, only you know better.And your life is the best teacher you can meet.

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