Mexico, Mexico, Mexico…

Arriving in Cancun perhaps you want to leave right away, well this is what I have heard and what I believe after I have seen my self Playa De Carmen, the living American dream in the coast line where people believe that is much more calmer than Cancun!
So, don’t buy any drink or exchange money in the Cancun airport, you will loose, better buy some Pesos back home and then as you go you exchange.

Puerto Morelos was my first stop, around 60’ from the airport and such a sweet relaxed place to dwell into the Mexican life once again, the beach is clean and the water so clear and well protected, ideal for kids and there are several places to choose for your accommodation on the beach. “Amar in” was the place that I stayed and the price was 600p and was worth it .
Reading your guide or not, there are several places for eating but definitely don’t miss “ La loncheria de Mimi”, on the parallel road above the beach path, local cuisine from a great Mexican and good prices.

As I mentioned above, Playa is a great place for party if you are into that and also for the best shopping in Mexico.. (in case you missing I did!). Although I have to admit that I should return back if I want to make a dive in Cozumel island (If you have one dive in Mexico you should go for that…) it is across the city, and of course do it with Tank-ha diving school which is highly recommended from friends and from me, after I found out that it is the only diving school that ‘goes to the island with its own boat.

Everyone though ends up in Tulum beach where the Mayan temples are standing strongly whilst overlooking the sunrise through the ocean ahead.
The day of my arrival was 14-04-14 and was the day of lunar eclipse where the moon turn red in the early hours.. The place is so much worth it, not only for a visit but definitely for some days to spend, with full or not full moon! Daphne did hard work searching for a good place to stay and economical, so I recommend for you: Make a stop at the ruinas, ( if you want to see those first and relax by the beach in a less crowded and touristic spirit) ,the stop for the ruinas is before you enter the town of Tulum, then grab a taxi and head to “Esperanza” hotel around 70 pesos the ride, don’t bother walking with luggage into the hot sun.
Get a cabana in a great environment near the beach, under Italian owners where the really know how to make an espresso and many more Mexican drinks at their Mescal bar. The little wooden cabana, you will love it! The entirely lodge is new and the service excellent, the best among almost all that are lying front of the beach.
Few rides to the village should be made for the necessities but after all, the place that I suggest you to stay few nights is the Tulum tropical paradise. Also in Tulum you can find one of the three underwater (cave’s) cenote systems with total distance 68km, while you are there and if you

dive in a cave before choose the “Dos ojos”

Cant miss, cenote dives only in Yucatan

Cant miss, cenote dives only in Yucatan

Most of dive centers they can provide you with an underwater camera if you insist and then you end up smarter then me with some great pictures of a dive that no one should miss in the planet.

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