A place of the holy spirit


Sunset at the lake, with crocs…

The full moon continued to guide us all the way to the next stop, much souther at the tip of the peninsula where Punta Allen lies peacefully under the coconut trees, next to the soft sand, surrounded by Sian Ka’an biosphere.  The only way to get there is to take a collectivo small bus, full of locals and ride for two hours on a rough unpaved road. Don’t expect to leave Punta Allen on another way, since the road from Tulum is the only remaining communication with the outside world.

Lakes, sea, wildlife, fly fishing, snorkeling, and loads of fish and boats to chase the crocodiles are there waiting for you to finally escape the common travel and get the real thing from your staying at the country.

Renting a boat is a must there, (not much else to do!) The boat rides especially in this country are not always accurate in their time offer, so if your tour lasts two hours while you payed for three don’t find it strange and unfair.

The “La laguna negra”, the huge turtles, the various birds that you will see probably for your first time in your life, the nature’s colors, the coral reef, the pleasure of sharing this unique day with the rest of the group will reward you and satisfy you so much that you will prefer to go back and take a nap while you have such great impressions in your mental window. Late in the afternoon, head to the west side of the village where the pier of the lagoon lies, get a beer, and watch the sunset and maybe… get a glimpse of the many crocodiles that inhabit the place.

Everyone who ends up in that village of 500 habitants goes for that. Bring some cash because no ATM exists and the Internet cafe is only available when the electricity is running. Tastewise, eat at the few local restaurants fresh fish and please don’t miss LUCY COCINA
“Lucy’s” cuisine, her economical food is the best, especially the tastier and the nicer breakfast I have had so far!

For your accommodation there are some sweet posada’s at the beach for 500 pesos a day, I would not mind staying there but choosing “Serena Posada” where you can actually meet the Mermaid was a good choice! A lovely woman that she had survived 3 shipwrecks in her life, and she ended up in Punta Allen by being adopted from the lighthouse owner and since then lived there for 25 years.(get inspired by reading some of her stories at the guesthouse). My stay there made me happy and comfortable to align my self with this remote area.


Crazy meeting…

Plus, I have to admit that I met a lovely couple from S.Francisco, Michael and Jen who they uplifted our journey to a different level! They offered us kindly to share some time with them and take us back to the main road and southwest into the Jungle and one of the most amazing and ancient Maya temple in the Campeche state with their car!!!!!!

I realized once more that travelling is not about the places you see, and the new impressions you see, but sharing-helping and meeting souls from all around the world that they love to be in out of common range areas, and seeing the world from different angle, thank you dear friends for those sweet moment’s that we had together.

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