Calakmul jungle and on the way to Palenque

DSCN0001I personal never visited a similar jungle; like Calakmul biosphere reserve, Calakmul ancient site is hidden in the greens and has been discovered around the 1930 and if I don’t speed up my writing I will end up having so old information’s on this blog, like some old memories I remembered about my self, after meeting those magnificent “beings”, the huge structures of Calakmul.
Mayans are considered the only ones in America to have such a great knowledge and mastery of the time, so they do have the power to bring from inside you a “story”, a memory that you might had forgotten during your many lifes.
After we visited the “Laguna bacalar” that is famous for its colors, similar or even better than the Caribbean sea, we left behind the Quintana Roo state and headed west where we spent the night in a eco-friendly resort close to the Xpuhil town, 7 km out of the town, called “Rio bek dreams”, the couple that was working there were so friendly and helpful and they had everything that we needed ready for the morning exploration, thanks again to Michael and Jen who took us there.

The best time to start your visit is early in the morning, when the jungle ”traffic’’ begins and you can listen to all the insects and the animals. So wake up early! Surely is a long way but very rewarding, Calakmul is Yucatan’s largest ruins city and the most remote one, having some water and some snacks is helpful, but what is most important is to have courage to climb up to some of the pyramids where you can see the vast jungle, overlook the Guatemala border and listen the wildlife in an area where jaguars and howler monkeys still roam.
After the main entrance of the park, it takes you 40km to get there, you need 60km more to the ticket office and of course after paying for the park-jungle in 2-3 different zones. Once you are there they are 3 walking zones and 6000 structures (small and large) that you can choose from to see depending your time and strength.

Having those great structures on my mind, the peace and the alertness that the nature awakes in me, second thought was not a question about Palenque’s city and its ruins.For many is the finest of Mexico Maya sites and I will admit that is not so huge and you can do it all in a morning but it is so bright and alive, seems it is in symphony with the rest of the nature.

Find your Maya calendar day, and look into the ruins for your own message ☺
The city has to offer you whatever you need for your stay and for recharging one self for the next part which is the best I have seen in Mexico so far of my travels here.. The Chiapas.

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