My Silent Journey begins,

Thoughts and memories from my insight meditation so far


scanned card 🙂


I like to be truthful and write from my heart  few words that many years already i was considering how i am going to express them, how meaningful my words will be and so on. I realised (again!) that there should not be any- more waiting, habitual anyway.. here what my mind recalls:


Is pointless to waste your time deciding  when you should find time to plant a tree… if that is the case no one will taste a single fruit, and especially we!

Same-same  is with the silent thing, get to know your only real friend ( and enemy ) that you have in your life is a great experience, and that is our own self. So, don’t wait so long finding the right moment! Right moment is always here, too close to us. I will assure you, you will get along together!  

I like to share to whom it concern the most beautiful and amazing time that i had ever offered to my self, and the reasons why i assume it might be good for you too! I am pretty sure that you guess already what it is and yes is called Vipassana or Insight Meditation:)

Practice a particular technique, following a teaching  will not take you far if you don’t learn it well, dedicate some time and dig into it, feel it and love it. Thats my view. Although i believe that nothing is lost from what you have learned and did on the purpose of being a better person, a free person. All the data of your spiritual seeking are well storage, in a invisible divine bank:)


walking medi

In this Vipassana technique,  walking meditation is included 🙂


The Vipassana, meditation had show me the string that holds the key ( attention, breath ) between different practices and desires for personal development such yoga, meditation, offering of my time, collaboration with communities and people who shares the same path and are seekers.

After the 10 days course and during the practice the clarity of my mind was so vivid, i could observe the slightest thought arising and falling like a pebble slowly falling into a deep well, and yes..that was my desire; my thought; and it was diving down or back to where it came from… The freedom that you feel while you coming out of your mind ( you the observer!) is incredible..You becoming a master of your self and not the opposite.



Ending of the first 10 days course in Lamphun, Thailand


There is so much talking already on the net about the no-talking during a Vipassana practice. Its true, there is no talking! But that does not mean that you can’t ask for what you need or discuss with the teacher a problem that you might have during your course, so don’t panic that you cant do a silent retreat because you wont verbalise your thoughts! 

There are many meditation centers around the world that you can apply and i am happy to share with you more info that i gain from my 5 years experience into silent retreats, if you need so.





If you had experienced the sweet taste of being present and fulfilled with what you had and have at this moment with no expectations at all, then there is no doubt that you will search for this flavor again, and probably for even more…So,  Life took me back to same soils near Chiang Mai, a place with a unique monastery of Northern Thailand, Wat Chom Tong to attend a 3 weeks Vipassana course under the prayers and the protection of  Ven. Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo and of course of all the good-hearted people that you find in such journeys.


They are as i said loads of informations on the web regards the practice its self and the personal experiences of some people, for my self i decided to keep “little” noble silence and don’t say things which are not necessary. In the area of the monastery you will feel very comfortable and you can  take walks around the lake, visit certain places of the Wat and walk in your brake just outside of the monastery to buy what you need. The energy is so pure and you can feel the power of the prayers. Food is Amazing & with variety, and all the people are very friendly and dedicated to the Dhamma. In the course you will spend many hours with your self (21 days, almost all-day) so its better to start liking the idea of a solitude!

Naming your own demons and being able to keep up with this process in daily life can unfold your inner self and create a space between what arises with-in, and the re-action of you (which is always there), and through that repetitive acknowledging pattern of naming you become a more conscious being. With more awareness, more freedom, more liberation from suffering and drama stories. The results are more and the space that you gain is so healing and so important for wisely growing/knowing The self. 

In Wat Chom Tong you will find an international office that is guiding people from abroad that seeking and want to practice i little deeper. For serious inquiries contact directly here: the good man and my teacher, 



As you leaving your foot prints on the snow, you come to realise that also thoughts and patterns that you make they stay in the environment relatively long..some actions longer, some actions less. Practising mindfulness can support your ability to feel and “see” through and understand the nature of mind. Towards my silent journey i have met one of the larger and nicer vipassana centers in North America, Canada.

Only 2 hours from Toronto city, and if you are lucky you can see in the night i glimpse of the Northern lights! Especially for those the like clean and tide areas, good teachers, supportive community, and forests..this is definitely you place, visit either to do a course or to volunteer ( for volunteer you need to do a 10 days course first ).



Feeling, feeling…

So much gratitude being able to serve and practice in this place! , unforgettable feeling all the times of the season,and the hall? Your kingdom.





Church next to our locations with Great view..

Fortunate enough to have meet Basu and Martin we have decided to held silent retreats in Greece. With Basu we are having Kriya courses as well and this year May 07-17/2015 we are having a silent yoga retreat in Lefkada, island. With Vipassana we started last year and i am sure that we have received i loads of merits from the Monks of Thailand and as well from Israel where there is a center there.

People from all over of Europe now coming to feel the serenity of the mountain, to take walks in nature just in Spring time, and while are practising a full 14 days course the magic unfolds. Sounds that never heard before are now more clear, ones aggression slowly dissolves similar like the foot print on the snow..


Once you can see clearly inside, you don’t need the view so much!

Compassion feels like a new baby in life, rejuvenates you and gives you courage and wisdom to continue on, because no matter how many courses or how good things you do in your life, the truth is that you should continue to keep up with what is next, because everything changes at all times, everything moves and never is the same..

In the house and with our philosophy we know that quiet well, so we are working with circumstances and we are trying to take-are nature with respect, trying to maintain peace in several areas, kitchen, cook with wisdom, main hall, outside areas of the houses, village and nature in general.

So, after all we are holding our second year fourteen days long course and we are happy to do it! we are purifying our selfs with the guidance of a  Friend & Teacher Martin Pack and the support of the Higher Teaching of Vipassana. Give it a try, anywhere in the world, 10 days or 14 days or 21 days..whatever suits you! Just don’t quit!  If you like to read a superb story of a friend and participant last year here in Greece see Lauras blog 🙂

The practice can be tough, meditating for many hours in the day can strangle you i bit. What is there though to support you is the benefits of the practise and believe me are there for everyone and especially for those who are ready to let go, i should learn to let go:)

And because the recipe it does work! ..we managed to keep Martin up late ( and most of the others !) and in his arrival day we have a free Tea- Talk in order to speak to those they want to learn i little more about the insight meditation, the event takes place in Athens the 22/4/16. see image for details 🙂

final vvvvvipa

For any informations you might need in more detail about the practice, if you like to volunteer or practice or get in contact with some connections i may have made during my journey so far, please contact me and i will be happy to stay in touch with you, my personal email is

Hope we see you somewhere, and hopefully you get silent for a while..then you can talk for the rest of your life ! 🙂 








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