Vipassana in Greece, lefkada in May 02-16 2015

vipassana retreat flyer
What is Vipassana?

Vipassana means to see clearly/beyond, to see the true nature of things as they really are.
Our practice is based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, training the mind to be aware of the present moment at all times, allowing us to overcome everyday difficulties we find in our daily life.

Vipassana meditation technique

The technique is being taught by teachers from Wat Chomtong. The technique is from the Mahasi Sayadaw tradition and has been developed by Ajarn Tong, the Abbott of Wat Chomtong near Chiang Mai. It is a practical technique enabling you to practice after the retreat and incorporate mindfulness in your daily life. The practice consists of walking and sitting meditation. The course will take you through different stages of knowledge ce. within the practice. The beginners’ course is 14 days. If you have already done a ‘basic course’, follow up retreats are 10 days only.

Benefits of the practice

Overcoming many personal, mental and physical difficulties, like relationships, work-related stress, letting go of attachments etc. Constant practice develops insight allowing confidence, energy and effort, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom to arise, in order to help ourselves and others overcome difficulties enabling us to have more compassion for ourselves and others.

Teacher- Martin

Teacher- Martin

Teacher- Martin

Martin Pack has been meditating for more than 30 years. 14 years ago he came across this particular form of Vipassana meditation and it was a life changing experience.He subsequently spent years practicing in Northern Thailand often going straight from one retreat into another.Soon he was asked to assist in leading retreats by revered teacher Thanat in Chom Thong in Thailand and Phra Ofer in Isreal under the authority of the venerable Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo coming from the Mahasi lineage.In 2008 martin was asked by his teacher to set up a Vipassana meditation centre in the mountainous region of Pai. His years of experience in leading retreats show especially during the ‘report times’ (private daily talks between the teacher and the retreat participants) where he helps the students through their challenges with his compassion, characteristic humour and deep understanding of the processes they are going through. In the last years Martin has also organised and taught retreats in Northern Italy, England, Wales, Israel, France and Austria.

Stitched Panorama

Cost – Donation

In the Buddhist tradition the teaching is paid on donation and is much appreciated as the teachers work on a volunteer basis.

Accommodation and food-Donation

In order to maintain the purity of the teaching and for someone to not have high expectations upon his payment, we decide to let our trust keep growing in Dhamma. Deposit required for secure your seat at the course: is 100 Euro, please deposit until 15 of march 2015, deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation, seats are minimum and require attention.

The Studios is in the heart of the mountain that can host up to ten people in total. Situated in Neohori village, overlooking the Nydri Bay on the east coast of Lefkada Island, an absolute silent retreat house. For more info:

The menu is designed according the season with an influence from the macrobiotic nutrition approach and enriched with local, fresh products.


What to Bring

Traditionally vipassana is practices in neutral clothing. Bring with you some white clothing If you like. A countdown timer if possible.Toiletries: Soap etc.

Contact details:

before 1st march
George Zolotas
+30 6992081041

After 1st march
Antonis Raptis
0030 6974903305

4′ Paleros and Antonio’s guest house

This is a short look of a 15′ video that my friends create for me and the area where i live in Greece, i am so happy and honour that they did so. We spend a very good week/10days searching and talking to people in the village, taking videos, photos, trying to get as many beneficial informations possible, for potential visitors of our area, the place i grow up. And also for the friends that have been here already! hope you enjoy the ride..see you in our globe tour:) Please note that the 4’video is more dedicated for antonio’s guest house in paleros, and the longer one more to the village and in our family tavern, thank you again for following here and sharing with me this beautiful planet.

Kriya course and “Ma”- Shakti festival in Paleros


Ma Festival – meditation retreat
With Basu and Chandani in the greek village Paleros
From 25th September to 3th of October 2014


The retreat is a traditional tantric meditation retreat – Tantric
Sadhana. Over 9 days we will sit 2 or 3 times a day and
preform Japa Yoga around a Yantra. In the retreat you can still
engage in daily activities.
Four times a year at the solstice or equinox it is especially
efficient to preform this kind of meditation. The Ma festival is
called Navarati in Sanskrit , meaning “9 nights”.
So this retreat is the 9 nights before equinox.
Additional Practice: We will also have Japa Yoga combined
with Yagnas (fire ceremonies) occasionally Bhajans (devotional
singing) and Hatha Yoga.

Tantric Sadhana functions by purifying and balancing the energies. Shakti
means energy in Sanskrit therefore it is Shakti Yoga.
Japa Yoga is one of the most widely spread forms of yoga in India and Tibet.
Most traditions of India are using some forms of Japa Yoga, which consists of
repeating different mantras. This induces specific state of meditation which will
lead to purification and more awareness.
Yantra is a tantric diagram that is used to increase the effect of the meditation.
The yantra will be built on the first day of the retreat and will be erased on the

Basu has practiced tantra yoga since 1998. He is an experienced yoga teacher
and has been giving yoga and meditation seminars in India, Thailand, Greece
and Austria since 2000.
Chandani had since a young age a natural interest in esoteric teachings,
including tantra. During her travels in India, she was participating at a full
Navratri Ceremony.

9 days Meditation retreat.
Teaching (Basu and Chandani): Donation.
Private room with private toilet 270€
Private room with shared toilet 160€
Double room/person 160€
Vegetarian breakfast and dinner: 20 €/day
Payment and Registration Please call or send us an email if you wish to
register. 10% should be paid in advance to Antonio’s Guesthouse.
Contact for registration and further information:
Phone Mob: +306974903305
Tel: +302643041634

Ο Ασπροπάρης στην Πάλαιρο

Μια ευχάριστη επίσκεψη είχαμε στα μέσα του Ιουλίου από την ομάδα της Ελληνικής Ορνιθολογικής Εταιρίας. Τρεις φίλοι και αγωνιστές για τη διατήρηση της άγριας ομορφιάς. Στη περίπτωση μας του μεγαλοπρεπούς πτηνού με το όνομα Νεόφρων.
Η Βικτόρια, ο Ruben και ο Τάσος ήταν μια ομάδα με πολύ διάθεση και αισιοδοξία για το στόχο τους , από τη δικιά τους ενέργεια γεννήθηκε και σε εμάς το ενδιαφέρων για των Ασπροπάρη.asproparis
Πληροφορηθήκαμε επίσης ότι στον όγκο του Σέρεκα ( το Βουνό μας εδώ στη Πάλαιρο) ζούνε πάρα πολλά διαφορετικά είδη αετών και όρνεων. Από διάφορες παλαιότερες αναφορές η Ομάδα αναζήτησης πίστευε ότι θα έβρισκε εδώ ακόμα ένα ζευγάρι του Ασπροπάρη.
Δυστυχώς είναι χλωμό το μέλλον για τον φτερωτό μας φίλο. Στη δεκαετία του 80′ υπήρχαν περίπου 250 ζευγάρια σε όλη την Ελλάδα, πλέον το έτος 2014 ζούνε μόλις 12 ζευγάρια!


«Μπορούμε να αντιστρέψουμε την κατάσταση για πολλά είδη που βρίσκονται σε κίνδυνο. Πρέπει όμως να υπάρχει η πολιτική βούληση και το ενδιαφέρον όλων μας για να στηρίξουμε δράσεις και πρωτοβουλίες διατήρησης και προστασίας της φύσης», τονίζει χαρακτηριστικά ο κ. Θάνος Καστρίτης, από παλαιότερη του συνέντευξη.

Μπορεί η ”επιστροφή του Ασπροπάρη” να μην έγινε αυτή τη φορά, και ίσως είναι καιρός να συνειδητοποιήσουμε ότι δεν θα υπάρξει. Εμείς είμαστε υπέυθυνοι για τέτιες καταστροφές. Εσύ και εγώ, που δεν γνωρίζαμε ούτε καν την ύπαρξή του.

Και όπως συμφώνησε μαζί μου η Βικτόρια : ” …όντως ζούμε τις τελευταίες στιγμές του Ασπροπάρη… ”.
Γι’ αυτό χειροκροτούμε τη προσπάθεια των φίλων μας για την επαγρύπνηση που μας προσφέρουν.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες παρακαλώ εδώ :

Θα χαρούμε πολύ να σας ξανά-εξυπηρετήσουμε στο Antonio’s Guest House. Και όλους τους φίλους της φύσης και της άγριας ζωής .

Calakmul jungle and on the way to Palenque

DSCN0001I personal never visited a similar jungle; like Calakmul biosphere reserve, Calakmul ancient site is hidden in the greens and has been discovered around the 1930 and if I don’t speed up my writing I will end up having so old information’s on this blog, like some old memories I remembered about my self, after meeting those magnificent “beings”, the huge structures of Calakmul.
Mayans are considered the only ones in America to have such a great knowledge and mastery of the time, so they do have the power to bring from inside you a “story”, a memory that you might had forgotten during your many lifes.
After we visited the “Laguna bacalar” that is famous for its colors, similar or even better than the Caribbean sea, we left behind the Quintana Roo state and headed west where we spent the night in a eco-friendly resort close to the Xpuhil town, 7 km out of the town, called “Rio bek dreams”, the couple that was working there were so friendly and helpful and they had everything that we needed ready for the morning exploration, thanks again to Michael and Jen who took us there.

The best time to start your visit is early in the morning, when the jungle ”traffic’’ begins and you can listen to all the insects and the animals. So wake up early! Surely is a long way but very rewarding, Calakmul is Yucatan’s largest ruins city and the most remote one, having some water and some snacks is helpful, but what is most important is to have courage to climb up to some of the pyramids where you can see the vast jungle, overlook the Guatemala border and listen the wildlife in an area where jaguars and howler monkeys still roam.
After the main entrance of the park, it takes you 40km to get there, you need 60km more to the ticket office and of course after paying for the park-jungle in 2-3 different zones. Once you are there they are 3 walking zones and 6000 structures (small and large) that you can choose from to see depending your time and strength.

Having those great structures on my mind, the peace and the alertness that the nature awakes in me, second thought was not a question about Palenque’s city and its ruins.For many is the finest of Mexico Maya sites and I will admit that is not so huge and you can do it all in a morning but it is so bright and alive, seems it is in symphony with the rest of the nature.

Find your Maya calendar day, and look into the ruins for your own message ☺
The city has to offer you whatever you need for your stay and for recharging one self for the next part which is the best I have seen in Mexico so far of my travels here.. The Chiapas.

A place of the holy spirit


Sunset at the lake, with crocs…

The full moon continued to guide us all the way to the next stop, much souther at the tip of the peninsula where Punta Allen lies peacefully under the coconut trees, next to the soft sand, surrounded by Sian Ka’an biosphere.  The only way to get there is to take a collectivo small bus, full of locals and ride for two hours on a rough unpaved road. Don’t expect to leave Punta Allen on another way, since the road from Tulum is the only remaining communication with the outside world.

Lakes, sea, wildlife, fly fishing, snorkeling, and loads of fish and boats to chase the crocodiles are there waiting for you to finally escape the common travel and get the real thing from your staying at the country.

Renting a boat is a must there, (not much else to do!) The boat rides especially in this country are not always accurate in their time offer, so if your tour lasts two hours while you payed for three don’t find it strange and unfair.

The “La laguna negra”, the huge turtles, the various birds that you will see probably for your first time in your life, the nature’s colors, the coral reef, the pleasure of sharing this unique day with the rest of the group will reward you and satisfy you so much that you will prefer to go back and take a nap while you have such great impressions in your mental window. Late in the afternoon, head to the west side of the village where the pier of the lagoon lies, get a beer, and watch the sunset and maybe… get a glimpse of the many crocodiles that inhabit the place.

Everyone who ends up in that village of 500 habitants goes for that. Bring some cash because no ATM exists and the Internet cafe is only available when the electricity is running. Tastewise, eat at the few local restaurants fresh fish and please don’t miss LUCY COCINA
“Lucy’s” cuisine, her economical food is the best, especially the tastier and the nicer breakfast I have had so far!

For your accommodation there are some sweet posada’s at the beach for 500 pesos a day, I would not mind staying there but choosing “Serena Posada” where you can actually meet the Mermaid was a good choice! A lovely woman that she had survived 3 shipwrecks in her life, and she ended up in Punta Allen by being adopted from the lighthouse owner and since then lived there for 25 years.(get inspired by reading some of her stories at the guesthouse). My stay there made me happy and comfortable to align my self with this remote area.


Crazy meeting…

Plus, I have to admit that I met a lovely couple from S.Francisco, Michael and Jen who they uplifted our journey to a different level! They offered us kindly to share some time with them and take us back to the main road and southwest into the Jungle and one of the most amazing and ancient Maya temple in the Campeche state with their car!!!!!!

I realized once more that travelling is not about the places you see, and the new impressions you see, but sharing-helping and meeting souls from all around the world that they love to be in out of common range areas, and seeing the world from different angle, thank you dear friends for those sweet moment’s that we had together.

Mexico, Mexico, Mexico…

Arriving in Cancun perhaps you want to leave right away, well this is what I have heard and what I believe after I have seen my self Playa De Carmen, the living American dream in the coast line where people believe that is much more calmer than Cancun!
So, don’t buy any drink or exchange money in the Cancun airport, you will loose, better buy some Pesos back home and then as you go you exchange.

Puerto Morelos was my first stop, around 60’ from the airport and such a sweet relaxed place to dwell into the Mexican life once again, the beach is clean and the water so clear and well protected, ideal for kids and there are several places to choose for your accommodation on the beach. “Amar in” was the place that I stayed and the price was 600p and was worth it .
Reading your guide or not, there are several places for eating but definitely don’t miss “ La loncheria de Mimi”, on the parallel road above the beach path, local cuisine from a great Mexican and good prices.

As I mentioned above, Playa is a great place for party if you are into that and also for the best shopping in Mexico.. (in case you missing I did!). Although I have to admit that I should return back if I want to make a dive in Cozumel island (If you have one dive in Mexico you should go for that…) it is across the city, and of course do it with Tank-ha diving school which is highly recommended from friends and from me, after I found out that it is the only diving school that ‘goes to the island with its own boat.

Everyone though ends up in Tulum beach where the Mayan temples are standing strongly whilst overlooking the sunrise through the ocean ahead.
The day of my arrival was 14-04-14 and was the day of lunar eclipse where the moon turn red in the early hours.. The place is so much worth it, not only for a visit but definitely for some days to spend, with full or not full moon! Daphne did hard work searching for a good place to stay and economical, so I recommend for you: Make a stop at the ruinas, ( if you want to see those first and relax by the beach in a less crowded and touristic spirit) ,the stop for the ruinas is before you enter the town of Tulum, then grab a taxi and head to “Esperanza” hotel around 70 pesos the ride, don’t bother walking with luggage into the hot sun.
Get a cabana in a great environment near the beach, under Italian owners where the really know how to make an espresso and many more Mexican drinks at their Mescal bar. The little wooden cabana, you will love it! The entirely lodge is new and the service excellent, the best among almost all that are lying front of the beach.
Few rides to the village should be made for the necessities but after all, the place that I suggest you to stay few nights is the Tulum tropical paradise. Also in Tulum you can find one of the three underwater (cave’s) cenote systems with total distance 68km, while you are there and if you

dive in a cave before choose the “Dos ojos”

Cant miss, cenote dives only in Yucatan

Cant miss, cenote dives only in Yucatan

Most of dive centers they can provide you with an underwater camera if you insist and then you end up smarter then me with some great pictures of a dive that no one should miss in the planet.

Kriya Yoga in Paleros, Greece


From 20th to 27th of July 2013 in Paleros
Smoking Mountain

The Program:

7 days guided Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Nidra Yoga with Basu
Everyone can join the course If you have no experience in yoga or if you already have initiation in kriya yoga
The event will take place in Paleros village located at the Ionian Sea close to the island of Lefkada. Paleros lies at the base of a spectacular mountainand is surrounded by sandy beaches.

The course Is a structured practice of Kriya Yoga combined with Hatha Yoga and Nidra Yoga. The practice can instantly be integrated in daily life.The foundation is the breath and the 7 chakras. Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which the human evolution can be enhanced through the breath.The secret about consciousness is that it is intimately related to the breath. In this course the first practice in Kriya Yoga will be given,if this practice is successful and the wish is there it will be
possible later to take an initiation in the full practise.

Kriya Hatha Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that is using the fundamentals from Kriya Yoga. The main emphasis is on the breath, the 7 chakras and self observation. In
Nidra Yoga we enter deep relaxation by rotating our awareness through the body.

Basu has been a Kriya Ban since 2002, when he was initiated by Swami Shankarananda Giri. He is an experienced yoga teacher and has been giving yoga and
meditation seminars in India, Thailand and Greece since 2000.


Daily Program:
Morning – Before breakfast:
1h Kriya Yoga (For initiated 1.5h)
30min Sun salutation
After Breakfast :
2h Kriya Hatha Yoga and Nidra Yoga.
Day: Free time to enjoy the beach,
boat trips and diving
Sunset :
30min Sun salutation
1h Kriya Yoga (For initiated 1.5h)
Accommodation: Will be in in Paleros village in Antonio’s
Guest House.
Food breakfast and vegetarian dinner will be served.
Thai massage available. Duration from 1.30 to 2.00
hours cost 40 €.
How to get there For more information on how to get there check out Antonio’s Guest House website
Costs per person:
7 days Kriya Yoga Course with accommodation:
Shared quadruple (4 person room) :205 €
Shared double room :240 €.
1 day Kriya Yoga Course with accommodation:
Shared quadruple (4 person room) : 35 €
Shared double room : 40 €
Vegetarian breakfast: 7 €
Vegetarian dinner : 10-12 €
Payment and Registration Please call or send us an email if you wish to
register. 10% should be paid in advance to Antonio’s Guesthouse.
Contact for registration and further information:
Phone Mob: +306974903305
Tel: +302643041634
Kriya Yoga – Basu

Capture the “now”

Leaving behind nice places and nice people is not so easy, or it can be a simple movement! Always is how you look at it. The emotions are fuel, our own inner fire, and our wisdom. They helping us for collecting the power of our mind and go deeper to get to know the “self”.

There are not here for abandoned, but to be grateful for them. Grateful for all and everything, include the space, the earth, and the nature it’s self, which we have given the tools from. Gifts and knowledge to explore our “self’s” and through those emotions and circumstances that occur around us, at all times, we be able to see much clearer and choose our way to our own freedom, which starts individually and continues from that point to the endless circle of existence with a collective celebration.

Everyone, anyway has he’s own unique coding for the appropriate Re-adjustment regarding the use of he’s emotions, the sufficient apnea for surfacing safe from the unknown depths. To breathe that pure air full of oxygen again while we ascend from our own deep dark dives one secure method is simple to Re-Member.

Just be aware… that through an extend desire to Re-member and Re-turn in your initial place of peace you might loose a shortcut!A strong desire for something or for instance to don’t have a desire is a joke its self!

Capturing the now, the power of the secret moment, requires some extra tips of using the shortcuts, similar as using technology devices, so… hearing different teachings, be open minded, understand the feeling of how vibration works and mostly listen to your own intuition and body talk can make your journey, physical or not a bridge that will connect the moment with the eternity and the form-al world with the form-less.


With in the movement from one place into another there will be moments which you will feel sad and unhappy, wonder why and how, looking the calendar ahead, timekeeping, trying to set your self in the present moment but you just can’t win!

Streaming thoughts with a feeling of graving will be note, long awaiting and desires for a greater future to arrive it might be felt, the sweet taste of a nostalgic past memory will return once more, truth that once you discovered now will possible taste like fermented anxiety’s with not much trace from your past enlighten experiences. And the voice in your head might tell you! You should start all over again! Then the feeling is heavy. Like the thick snow which waits and waits for the sunrays to dissolve it again and transformed it into its first form.

Parallel they will be felt times, while having dinner alone in a place out of your yesterday map, or when you missed a bus and have to stay few hours in a empty station finding your self excited and thrilled for the next moment that will come, that you will mixture and mind-blend the old with the new, the past memory’s with the creation of your current vision, as photography does when captures moments from back in time and simply presents to you right here and right now

No. Its not confusion, is not necessary. Is the light which shines from you!

Life and all around you has not been created for you, to give you trouble or comfort, they just reflect you, first your own reality, and then perhaps a extend one, knowing all this and trying to remember brings you up and out of the possibly state of confusion. Learn the shortcuts in life, be a hacker of your own dimension, only you know better.And your life is the best teacher you can meet.

Still floating in Moscow

I Keep hearing that a visit in this country must happen in the summer but in the real cold times is where some kind of secret arises beneath the frozen ice, is the warm “borsch” soup with beetroots, potatoes, vegetables and beans and many amazingly soviet dishes that make you so warm that you appreciate the cold and snow, is the traditional “banya” with temperatures that can reach 100celcius!

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Those “banyas” are everywhere, before you go make sure you get with you some important items, usually you can find them there and it makes it easier, but if you can get an extra towel with you to have it for the end will be much better.My first herb hitting and cold dives into icy water after the steam room was in Leningrad, or Saint Petersburg. In the same rooms where dostohievsky and Lenin where bathing! If you are interesting of that banya, let me know i pass some more info.

Spending lovely time in that dimension that we called Moscow, and most probably after you rub the lucky dogs nose in the revolution square station,

the most famous metro statue,which brings luck! Try something extraordinary, visit “Embryo” – the first Floating Center in Russia   to experience new sensations of relaxation and imponderability.

Inside the warm water, always the same temperature as our body, i recalled my days in 2006 when i first visit Mexico for learning and receiving biomagnetismo. Back in those days i could easily understand from the therapy progress how a thought or feeling has impact, changing the ph of our body and how this acid or alkalic environment of the blood affects after all…the same quite happens while you are floating in the water..any tiny or long thought, make you move into the water, you can feel it! Staying one hour in darkness and silence while you floating, is like you are in your nature, back in mothers womb. See the site for more info


Moscow wont disappoint you, and as i said before if you have a good guide! Tatiana and her friends make me feel like home, and beside the noise of the ice when it cracks and the white scenery, i did felt that there is a connection. In the city are many exhibitions, museums, clubs and loads that happening such free diving competition, vintage markets, kremlins and old cathethrals. And…Good photographes have risen from “best of russian” photography exhibition is a must and another couple of hours to spend !